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More About Auto Condos

The idea of behind auto condos is probably as old as the automobile itself. Guys have customized there garages with signs, posters and memorabilia for decades.  Everyone from The New York Times

to the Wall Street Journal has written articles about the new and improved version. The modern day Auto Condo is not just an ideal garage or place to store your toys, it is an upscale man-cave. 

Fully customizable man-caves that afford you the opportunity to set it up how you want it. Pool table or poker table for a night with the guys... check. Fridge with all your favorite libations snacks... check.   What better way to watch a game then on a big screen up on your mezzanine, cold one on hand, surrounded by friends looking out over your favorite rides.

Don't take our word for it however, here are some articles regarding the next level of garages known as auto Condos:

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